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Tray use and maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning

The sterilizations boxes must be cleaned before each use. Always use mild detergents even if cleaning is done using ultrasound equipment.
Dry the boxes with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive sponges or metal parts that might damage the surface of the box.


The boxes are NOT supplied in sterile condition and then the user must provide for sterilization before use.
Before sterilization is necessary to make sure that the boxes has been cleaned, in all its parts, from residual contaminants.

How to sterilize

The materials used for the production of the boxes can withstand a high number of sterilization cycles. The user must comply with the parameters defined for the main standard autoclave cycles without exceeding the maximum values set:
Max time 20 minutes
Maximum temperature 135°
Maximum pressure 2.2 bar


The material may change color tone on prolonged exposure to UV light.
Store the trays in dark place when not used.