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EGmedical: a dynamic, flexible, technologically advanced partner.

EGmedical has a ten-year experience in high-performance plastic materials, their major technical applications and processing methods such as injection molding, extrusion, mechanical processing and heat molding.
Our highly specialized know-how makes us a valuable partner in the production and design of technical products specifically intended for the medical industry.
Egmedical’s technical office assists the clients in the design phase. There is also a department specialized in prototyping and the production of innovative items.
Our team of experts is ready to suggest and evaluate new solutions for new products, changes to existing components, or the conversion of a product from metal to plastic.

Our services

  • prototyping and product research
  • design of products in partnership with clients
  • manufacturing of products from client-supplied designs
  • design and manufacture of plastic material molds for injection and heat-molding processes
  • injection and heat molding
  • mechanical processing
  • assembly


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